Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Dr Seuss Cake

School started this week. There have been crazy moments this week as we try to adjust to new schedules, figure things out, and find patients for me. Among all this craziness I decided to make a cake! Gotta do it now before I get to busy with Homework!

My Mother-in-law always makes this amazing cake. Ever since she has started making it I have wanted to try! So i decided to just go for it. Mine didn't turn out quite like Terri Jo's but looks dont really matter as long as it tastes good right?

This is what the cake should look like...
Instead it looks a little like this... (thanks to photoshop!)
Maybe next time! :D

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Year Ago....

One year ago today was the beginning of the best decision of my life!
I knew the question was coming I just didn't know when. Carter had plans to get his tonsils out, when the hospital called and said they had a cancellation and he could get them out the very next day. He accepted and it was CRUNCH time! He left work early to figure out the plans. Ran to his apartment in search of help but no one was there. He had no idea what he was going to do (as usual). Around 8:30 or 9 ish i got home from FHE and he called me to see if i wanted to go get a bite to eat. We grabbed some food and went to the park for a picnic. Carter was always spontaneous so it didn't make me wonder. Once we got there he threw me a blanket and told me to go set it up. As I turned around he pulled stuff out of the trunk (to much for him to hold and making tons of noise!). Before he got to me he said to close my eyes. When I opened them he was holding a candy poster sign and some flowers. Then he told me why he wanted to marry me and it was super cute. Then he moved the poster and was already on his knee and popped the question.
Love you babe :D