Friday, October 22, 2010

Is one week before Halloween to early to decorate pumpkins?

I have been asking Carter all October long if we could carve pumpkins.
I finally got him to agree.

Because Carter is so competitive he had to put a bet on the line
about which of ours would be better.

After making a mess of the living room this was the final product

Lights out

Who's do you think was better?




After a long voting process mine was selected as the BEST overall ;)

Monday, October 11, 2010

2nd place!!!

This weekend was the Dixie State College Homecoming Parade. It was the 100th year of Dixie so it was a big deal. I am the head of the special project committee and was in charge of the float. We had so much fun planning it and building it. After hours of planning and hours of building the parade was a success! Our float was way fun. There were prizes for the top floats and so we were aiming high! AND IT ALL WAS WORTH IT 2ND PLACE!!!!

This is our whole group in front of your float

Funny Faces

The costumes for our float

Me as Toothpaste

Best buds :D

Dancing to "Brush your teeth"

What a fun day.
After the parade we went straight to Sealant Saturday
where we do free sealants for the community.
Overall it was a crazy day of running around from 8-5....