Friday, May 27, 2011

Cruisin' Time

For graduation Carter decided to take me on a cruise!! We took a wonderful 4 night vacation to MEXICO!! The first night was a huge storm and Carter was so sick. I ended up eating dinner with 6 strangers... It got better after that!
The first stop was in Catalina. This island was beautiful. This picture is on the little boat that took us from the cruise ship to the island.

On Catalina we walked around, shopped, and played in the sun. We were walking around the pier and this HUGE pelican landed right next to us.
I was really nervous

Sorry i dont know how to change the direction of the pictures :D

This was the Wrigley gum owners memorial. It was a hike to reach through a botanical garden (mostly desert plants no flowers.)

The view from the hike to the monument and our only picture together...

Catalina harbor

The next stop was Ensenada Mexico. We hitched a ride out to La Buffadora (the blow hole) and flea market. This is one of three blow holes in the world. The flea market was my favorite part. I love shopping and seeing real Mexico. We also got to see some whales while here which i have never seen before.

On the bus ride out we enjoyed some real cultural music from this man.

This was a great vacation and i love Carter for taking me :D

Thursday, May 19, 2011


As many of you know i had 5 big board tests to take for my license as a Dental Hygienist.
The bulk of them landed on Easter weekend. To start the long couple of days off we started with our Anesthesia written exam. This was a crazy hard test but I passed :D If you pass the written part then you are able to move on and take the clinical part. Carter was lucky enough to be my patient!! Because he is a great husband he let me give him some injections. This test is scary because you have 2 examiners huddled over you as you do the injections. I was lucky and did my first two right and did not have to repeat any of them. What a relief to have my anesthesia out of the way and passed!! The next day was my biggest test and most stressful that i had to find the right patient for that hadn't had their teeth cleaned in a LONG LONG TIME. We had to submit a certain amount of calculus (build up) and we had 2 hours to clean it.
We had to wait 3 weeks for these results. This would determine if I was able to get a license or not! What a stressful couple of weeks! BUT I PASSED. I have never b
een happier!!

Then came graduation
In health care fields you have a pinning ce
remony that symbolizes the welcoming of you into the medical world. Carter pinned me because he was such a huge help for me getting thru this program.

Graduation was the next day. Our speaker was President Thomas S. Monson. What a great way to celebrate graduation by having such a motivational man speak to us!
Our caps with teeth :D