Thursday, May 19, 2011


As many of you know i had 5 big board tests to take for my license as a Dental Hygienist.
The bulk of them landed on Easter weekend. To start the long couple of days off we started with our Anesthesia written exam. This was a crazy hard test but I passed :D If you pass the written part then you are able to move on and take the clinical part. Carter was lucky enough to be my patient!! Because he is a great husband he let me give him some injections. This test is scary because you have 2 examiners huddled over you as you do the injections. I was lucky and did my first two right and did not have to repeat any of them. What a relief to have my anesthesia out of the way and passed!! The next day was my biggest test and most stressful that i had to find the right patient for that hadn't had their teeth cleaned in a LONG LONG TIME. We had to submit a certain amount of calculus (build up) and we had 2 hours to clean it.
We had to wait 3 weeks for these results. This would determine if I was able to get a license or not! What a stressful couple of weeks! BUT I PASSED. I have never b
een happier!!

Then came graduation
In health care fields you have a pinning ce
remony that symbolizes the welcoming of you into the medical world. Carter pinned me because he was such a huge help for me getting thru this program.

Graduation was the next day. Our speaker was President Thomas S. Monson. What a great way to celebrate graduation by having such a motivational man speak to us!
Our caps with teeth :D

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