Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Southern Utah Christmas Story

This year we decided to cut down our own Christmas tree because thats what most of our friends do around here. I always loved when my family would make trips out in the snow to cut down a tree that we got to pick out. Carter's family never did this so I thought it would be a fun adventure for our first Christmas tree.
After getting our permit and a saw, we drove out to Pine Valley to find ourselves a tree. The first trip was not a success. We obviously had the wrong spot. We should have been tipped off by the fact that there were no Christmas trees in the area. Just MUD!
The next Saturday, after Sealant Saturday at school, we drove up again, this time even higher into the mountains. As many of you know St George is a different climate than were we both grew up. The trees that grow are a little different than the ones that others cut for their Christmas trees. It was hard to find one that was tall and not too wide. After walking around in the snow for a couple hours we finally came upon the "best" one. This year is going to be a Charlie Brown Christmas!
Alissa and my smiling to find a tree because our feet were cold and wet!
Carter showing off his muscles (and his bum crack) carrying our tree.

These trees are very prickly. Carter has cuts up and down his arms from putting the lights on.
I love my desert Christmas tree!

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