Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The crazy life

Sorry its been so long since I posted an update on our lives. My life has been nothing but studying for the past two months. I took my written national boards (which is an 8 hour test) almost two weeks ago. I am still waiting to get the results.. maybe this week! Its getting so close to the end! I only have 5 more big boards to pass before May! Keep me in your prayers!

Here are some of our graduation pictures we took this past weekend :D

"Home Alone" faces

Goofy Faces

These are the beautiful girls that I have spend the past two years of my life with. After being with them for 8 hours a day, basically everyday, for two years it will be weird when we graduate and don't see each other. They are great!


  1. Such a wonderful accomplishment to be finishing up in May! Good luck on your up coming tests! :)

  2. Lookin good!!! I love the pictures! They turned out good! your aaaaaamazing britt!!