Thursday, September 9, 2010

Desk Disaster

Since Carter started school there has been a real NEED for a desk so that he can study at it (dont worry that i have been asking for a desk for 2 semesters now). So we decided to get one!! We went to DI and found a great looking desk that was perfect. We have refinished a couple other items before so we thought it would be no big deal.... boy were we wrong.

This is what we had to work with

We borrowed an electric sander from a friend and thought that this project would be a piece of cake because we wouldn't be sanding by hand like in the past. Things were going great as it started to grow dark and we were hurrying to finish before we ran out of light. All of the sudden we heard one of the worst noises for our situation with the 3/4 of the desk we had painted...the sprinklers. As Carter was trying to figure out which ones were coming on, I was getting drenched trying to get him to move the desk with me. He looked around to see why he was not getting soaked, and saw it was because our newly painted drawer was shielding him from the sprinklers. The desk is too heavy to get up the stairs to our apartment without help, especially when it is covered with wet paint. So we did our best to move it where the sprinklers couldn't get it. By then it was dark and we had to inspect the damage in the morning.

The next morning we came to find that things weren't as bad as we had thought. The only problem was the desk top would need to be re-sanded and repainted. Carter went a little wild with the sander and the then we had bigger fish to fry.

After 5 days of working on this desk and a lot more money then we wanted to spend (you know.... repainting after the sprinklers and filling in the sanding hole) we are happy with the finished product, even though up until the final coat of paint, and after a little antiquing, i had very little hopes that i would even like it...

To bad we just realized we still have an un-sanded unpainted chair!

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