Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hiking with friend

Recently, we went hiking with a group of friends. None of us had ever been to the narrows in Zion so we decided because we lived so close to it we better do it while we are here. This was a wonderful decision! We all loved it!
When you first start out the walls are high above you and the river is wide. The further up the river you go the narrower the canyon gets and the higher the walls around you go.
Its amazing to think of the beauty we found in deepest parts of this canyon hidden from the world.

After hiking for a while the boys decided it was time for a swim in the freezing cold water!

Me and my two best buddies from the Dental Hygiene program!! We always have so much fun together!
After hiking for 3 hours and the temperature started to drop a little part of our group turned around when we got to the fork in the river. Aly, Race, Carter, and I decided to continue with the hike for a while. We were so happy that we did. As we started up one side of the fork it narrowed a ton making things more interesting. We ended our hike up at this beautiful water fall!